Specialty Materials

Our business is focused on fabrication of epitaxial n-type zinc oxide. NuMat overlays epitaxial zinc oxide on sapphire or silicon substrates using a proprietary chemical vapor deposition process that results in very high quality products. Our proprietary crystal growth technology is superior to traditional growth processes and produces very high quality crystals in large sizes.

In 2015, Idaho State University and NuMat were awarded an Idaho Global Entrepreneurial Mission (IGEM) grant that was used to obtain and install an industrial-scale metal organic chemical vapor-phase deposition machine that, modified with NuMat-proprietary technologies, will produce epitaxial zinc oxide crystals on sapphire or silicon substrates in commercial quantities (22 two-inch wafers at a time). This machine is expected to be operational in the near future in a class 1000 clean room. This industrial-scale capability will enable NuMat to supply all its customer’s needs in a timely fashion at the highest quality. We currently offer 50mm-diameter wafers. We are working to scale up to 100mm, 150mm, and 200mm-diameter wafers.

NuMat has also produced a variety of specialized, hard-to-find materials; i.e. wide bandgap crystals, bulk single crystals, advanced materials for 3D printing, nano-materials, and custom high-temperature, dimensionally-stable aerogel composites.

Please contact us for custom orders as well as to obtain detailed specifications and to discuss sizes, thicknesses, and other specifications tailored to your needs.

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