We conduct leading edge Research & Development to invent applications for specialty materials and create valuable intellectual property for commercialization.

We mature these inventions, patent them, and bring them to market either in-house or through licensing to others for fabrication and distribution. We support our licensees with needed technical insights so we can succeed together.

Currently, our focus is to take advantage of zinc oxide’s wide bandgap and other important characteristics to develop breakthrough applications for zinc oxide crystals in a variety of forms. We are actively developing capabilities for fabrication of bulk single crystal forms of zinc oxide and are working to create applications for these products to include: ultraviolet light-emitting diodes, semiconductor devices, and solid-state radiation detectors.

NuMat is also pursuing research and development of applications of additive manufacturing in radiation therapy, including three-dimensional instrumented phantoms for treatment planning, verification, and quality assurance. As these and other technologies are developed, NuMat will patent them and either use them to expand our product lines or make them available for licensing to third parties.

Ultraviolet light-emitting diodes

NuMat has created a new class of solid-state ultraviolet (UV) light emitting diode (LED) materials. Using proprietary techniques, NuMat is able to fabricate semiconductors entirely of zinc oxide and use them to create UV LEDs. In addition to UV LEDs, NuMat’s zinc oxide semiconductor’s potentially offer many other important and unique solutions in the areas of lighting (e.g. UV laser diodes (LD) and UV-pumped phosphor-coated LEDs that produce visible light) and sensors (e.g. radiation sensors, ultraviolet light sensors, and “solar-blind” light sensors).

Solid-state radiation detectors

Using proprietary techniques, NuMat is able to fabricate lithium-doped crystals of zinc oxide (ZnO) and use them to create solid state neutron detectors suitable for a variety of configurations, sizes, and applications. The NuMat ZENO is a small, lightweight, low voltage, solid state neutron detector that provides significant benefits and performance advantages over the state of the art.

Through its efforts to date, NuMat has a growing list of provisional patents and patents pending to which it has exclusive and transferable license, including:

  1. System and Method for Producing Technetium-99m Using Existing Pet Cyclotrons (14/727,528)
  2. A High Precision Patient-Specific, Multi-Material, Three Dimensional Anthropomorphic Human Equivalent Phantom and Hardware Fabrication Method (15/205,800)
  3. Stable p-type zinc oxide and bandgap engineered zinc oxide systems (15/446,418)
  4. Directionally-oriented piezoelectric materials and methods to fabricate them and to enhance their performance (62/349,930)
  5. Patient-Specific Restraining Device and Integrated Dosimetry System (62/459,659)

NuMat has applied for patent protection and has exclusive, transferable, and irrevocable license to these technologies and is looking to partner with interested parties to commercialize these important innovations.

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