We conduct leading edge Research & Development to invent applications for specialty materials and create valuable intellectual property for commercialization.

Custom Equipmemt

NuMat Inc. has developed world class expertise in the design and implementation of custom, high-end material growth, experimentation, and characterization apparatus.

Our Vision And Mission

NuMat’s mission is to invent revolutionary technologies that benefit humanity;
Advance them from the laboratory to the market place;
Dedicate a portion of the profits to serve our neighbors.


NuMat is pursuing research and development of applications of additive manufacturing in radiation therapy, including three-dimensional instrumented phantoms for treatment planning, verification, and quality assurance. As these and other technologies are developed, NuMat will patent them and either use them to expand our product lines or make them available for licensing to third parties.

NuMat is also taking advantage of zinc oxide’s wide bandgap and other important characteristics to develop breakthrough applications for zinc oxide crystals in a variety of forms. We are actively developing capabilities for fabrication of bulk single crystal forms of zinc oxide and are working to create applications for these products to include: ultraviolet light-emitting diodes, semiconductor devices, and solid-state radiation detectors.

Specialty Materials

Our business is focused on fabrication of epitaxial n-type zinc oxide. NuMat overlays epitaxial zinc oxide on sapphire or silicon substrates using a proprietary chemical vapor deposition process that results in very high quality products. Our proprietary crystal growth technology is superior to traditional growth processes and produces very high quality crystals in large sizes.

NuMat has also produced a variety of specialized, hard-to-find materials; i.e. wide bandgap crystals, bulk single crystals, advanced materials for 3D printing, nano-materials, and custom high-temperature, dimensionally-stable aerogel composites.


NuMat provides technical consulting in support of its licensed technologies as well as to a small number of select clients working on challenging and interesting problems

Phantom Bust v1.0

White Papers

a government or other authoritative report giving information or proposals on an issue.

These are some of ours.

ZnO Ultrasonic Transducers for Non-Destructive Testing

  • High-MHz to GHz frequencies
  • High voltages enable higher power emissions
  • Pure emission frequencies with highly-peaked waveforms
  • Pixelated arrays for large area scanning
  • Direct process integration

True Dose Phantom

  • Reduced potential for error and harmful side-effects to healthy tissue
  • Vital in the precise delivery of radiation treatments
  • Suitable for use in a wide of cancer modalities, including brain, breast, lung, and prostate
  • Radiation therapy delivered more accurately

Direct-Reading TruDose Phantom

  • Accurate, precise model of patient treatment volume and surrounding areas using tissue-equivalent materials
  • SImproved radiation treatment planning and verification
  • Allow patients and physicians to more accurately know where delivered radiation was deposited in the body

Meet Our Team

    Harry Joseph Nause Jr.

    Chief Executive Officer

    Harry Joseph Nause Jr. has more than 20 years of leadership experience in multiple, nationwide private enterprises active in technology-based investing and commercial real estate acquisitions/sales and management. Joe has spent many years as a chief executive officer leading companies in a variety of corporate settings, including start up, survival, and active growth. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Banking and Finance from the College of Business at the University of Southern Mississippi and has been a licensed Real Estate broker in Mississippi for 18 years.

    Rob Price

    Chief Engineer

    Rob Price has over 30 years of military, federal government, international, and independent consulting experience in nuclear energy and technology R&D and innovation. Rob holds a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from the State University of New York at Buffalo, a Master’s in Engineering Management from The George Washington University, and qualified as Engineer of a nuclear-powered submarine. Before joining NuMat, Rob worked with the U.S. Department of Energy, the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency, as well as his own consulting firm where he served a variety of academic and government clients.

    Dr. Eric Burgett

    Chief Technology Officer

    Dr. Eric Burgett is a world-renowned nuclear engineer specializing in applied nanotechnology and materials science. He is an expert on single crystal growth processes and the development of applications and products that take advantage of their many important characteristics. Dr. Burgett holds a Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. From 2012 through 2016 he was the Director of the RISE Complex at Idaho State University, a 215,000-square foot research facility, leading a team of 92 researchers, students, and support staff, with an annual operating budget of over $5.5 million plus $32.5 million in direct research funding.

    Ed Petro

    Chief Financial Officer

    Ed Petro has over 30 years of experience across a variety of operations and industries, including industrial electronics, aerospace and defense, consumer goods, capital equipment, pharmaceuticals, electronic communications, industrial distribution, health care, agriculture, food products, and government services. Ed has worked with diverse enterprises from Fortune 1000 companies to organizations transitioning from pure research to commercial production. He maintains professional certifications from APICS as a Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) and in Production & Inventory Management (CPIM)

    Kevin Short

    Chief Business Development Officer

    Kevin Short is a problem solver with a wealth of hands-on experience in guiding numerous companies in diverse industries to overcome difficult technical challenges. He has worked as an applications engineer, an integrator, a designer, a solution architect, a project manager, and as a seller and installer of technology.

NuMat works closely with our clients to help innovate and change the way they do business.

Latest News

We help companies develop new ways to be successful.

NuMat and EJ Idaho Merge

NuMat and EJ Idaho announce merger

NuMat, Inc. is proud to announce that it has entered into an agreement with EJ Idaho, LCC to combine forces. NuMat and EJ Idaho will merge to form a single company and have chosen to maintain NuMat Inc as the name of the combined entity. NuMat will continue its ongoing research and dedication to create a new class of zinc oxide-based piezoelectric ultrasonic transducers with enhanced capabilities, develop advanced process control technologies, and pursue other technologies and avenues.

RISE Complex at Idaho State University

NuMat and Idaho State University Awarded $700,000 Idaho Global Entrepreneur Mission Grant

NuMat, Inc. is proud to announce the award of a $700,000 grant from the Idaho Global Entrepreneur Mission (IGEM) to Idaho State University (ISU), located in Pocatello, Idaho. NuMat had partnered with ISU to submit the grant application to obtain funds to procure specialized equipment that will enable the development, characterization, and fabrication of advanced crystal materials for use in academic, industrial, and government settings.

Idaho State University Campus in Pocatello ID

NuMat And Idaho State University Join Together For World-Class Research And Development

NuMat, Inc. is proud to announce that it has reached an agreement with Idaho State University to conduct joint research and development centered at the Research and Innovation in Science and Engineering (RISE) Complex in Pocatello, Idaho with the goal of commercializing advanced technologies. On June 1, Idaho State University and NuMat, Inc. signed a Technology Development and Licensing Agreement to work together to conduct research and development in a variety of technical areas at the RISE Complex, including: advanced manufacturing, medical isotope production, and materials science.

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